Verucca Treatment

Veruca also known as plantar warts is one of the most common conditions we see in clinics. It is also one of the most commonly mistreated conditions by patients at home..

Verrucas are similar in appearance to corns and both can be quite painful. Before attempting to treat, it’s best to seek professional advice to confirm that what you have is indeed a Verruca.
So what is the difference between a verruca and a corn? How are they often mistaken for each other?
A verruca is a virus. It comes from the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). This is a highly contagious virus and is passed through person-to-person contact. They are most commonly found on the soles of the feet or around the toe area. The virus thrives in wet or damp environments, such as swimming pool floors, communal changing areas, and showers.
As with all viruses verrucas can be picked up by anyone, verrucas are not choosy. It has been suggested that children and young adults have the highest incidence of verrucas
People with severe immunosuppression can be more predisposed to large, persistent verrucas. They can spread to other areas of your skin if scratched, picked, or knocked. The incubation period of a verruca is thought to range from a couple of months to over a year.
One of the main ways to differentiate a verruca from a corn is looking closely at the skin, it helps if you use a magnifying glass and a bright light. If you look at the skin on your hand just now, you will see it has a line pattern and texture, these lines are called striations. The verruca virus is very clever as it infiltrates and disrupts the line pattern of the skin, causing the striations to be interrupted. You may also notice that verruca tissue has small black spots in the skin, these are the verrucas blood vessels. If damaged the verruca will bleed.
In the clinic, we lightly prepare the skin at the site of the verruca. We then apply Hwarts solution with a Q tip
As part of our treatment protocol, we provide you with a bottle of Hwarts to be applied to the Veruca daily.
Made up of the highest quality essential oil and homeopathic ingredients, H-Warts Formula is gentle on the skin and safe for adults and children over 4 yrs. Simple to apply and fast-acting!
H-Warts Formula begins to work quickly! The process does vary based on the size and number of warts. Warts may change in color, size, and/or appearance and begin to flake away. You can expect to see results in a week or two. Some stubborn warts may take a little longer.*

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H-Warts Formula


How Does H-Warts Formula Work?

H-Warts Formula is a natural product containing carefully selected homeopathic ingredients and aids in the treatment of warts. Thuja occidentalis is used locally for warts symptoms.

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