‘Footsies’ A game for those seeking love.

It’s February and love is in the air. Are you trying to find your true love? Why not brush up on your ‘Footsies’ skills this Valentine’s Day. At Step Right Foot Clinic we are here to help those attending our clinic to have feet ready for the big day. Everyone can express love in their own way and for some sprucing yourself up for your loved one is it! We instinctively think about getting our hair done or a new outfit to surprise our loved one, but how about adding our feet to the mix! Get them in tip top shape with us and initiate your own game of ‘Footsies’ at home.

Here are the rules of the Game! Please follow as instructed and don’t blame us if things don’t work out!

  1. Cleanliness above all else – Clean those feet, dry in between your toes and of course wear fresh clean socks
  2. Location is vital – Avail of a foot treatment before the game at 39 South Street New Ross and 8 Michael Street Waterford before choosing the perfect venue to play Footsies.
  3. Choose the right person – Liadan & Ruth are both qualified FHPs that would love to get you ready for the game of your life!
  4. Initiate contact by tapping the other person’s foot lightly, then pulling away
  5. Wait for a reaction
  6. If your target looks confused, wink or give them sexy smile


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