A tip on how to take care of your feet

At tip on taking care of your feet.

Whether working or not during the coronavirus pandemic has left us with an interesting amount of desire to look after ourselves, especially whilst certain health and wellness facilities are not as accessible, here is a tip on how to take care of your feet.


Many of us have found ourselves completing treatments on our ill bodies from the comfort of our own homes while we, as health professionals try to assist you from a video or voice call while the country begins to ease back into it’s normality.

We at Step Right Foot Clinic, felt it might be helpful and beneficial if we released tips and tricks to look after your feet while at home, whether it’s just to trim toe nails, care for bunions or assist you with the right support for your feet.

The new phase in our country has allowed us to accept booked appointments for foot care routines, but if your treatment is not urgent then our blog on taking care of your toe nails will help you to look after those ever-growing parts.

To read more on how to take care of your toenails and to make sure that they’re growing smoothly, click on the link below.

Taking Care of your feet

If you need a consultation or assessment done on your feet, then please contact us using our contact details.

Stay safe!