New Year, New Feet

Happy New Year to all our clients and readers. If you are anything like us then I know you would all like start the year on right foot, yes we enjoy feet related humor is it obvious? We all like to start out the year with our resolutions on how to become our best selves […]

Fungal Infections- A guide on what to expect and how to treat

Since qualifying in late 20219 we have come across our fair share of fungal infections. They come in a varying amount of ways such as infection in the nails, Tinea Unguim and Athlete’s Foot, Tinea Pedis. These are the most common  ut by no means the only form. When the fungal infection is present in […]

Find out how Step Right Foot Clinic uses an Autoclave to keep you safe and healthy


In our clinic, we use an autoclave to sterilize all our equipment. When the equipment is placed inside the autoclave, it is exposed to high-temperature steam, approximately 132 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes. The high temperatures cause the internal parts of the microorganisms to essentially die. When the autoclave has finished its course, the equipment […]

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