Get Your Feet Summer Ready

Fungal nail infection can be a stubborn and difficult condition to treat.

Many people resign themselves to hiding their yellow toenails and we’ve heard time and time again “I’ve tried everything but nothing works” That’s not true!

Formula3 Antifungal nail treatment is extremely effective at getting rid of that stubborn nail fungus.

We want you to be proud of your feet.

In our clinic we take a sample of the client’s nail, testing it to confirm the presence of nail fungus. If the client’s nail is thickened by nail fungus which has been present for a long time we pair the nail ensuring that the Formula 3 oil penetrates through the nail.

The tolnaftate in Formula 3® uses natural jojoba oil as the vehicle. Simply put, the solution is designed to make it impossible to separate the tolnaftate from the jojoba oil. So, when the jojoba oil is quickly absorbed by the skin and nail, the tolnaftate is delivered directly to the infected area right along with it!
We have been providing Formula 3 Antifungal to our clients for over 5 years and the results speak for them-self.
What are you waiting for? Start your journey to clear your nails today.

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Formula 3


Formula 3® Antifungal

This product has been in clinical use over the last 10 years by our practitioners. Tonalftate is an effective anti-fungal found in many products worldwide but none with the patented solution of Formula 3®. Alongside the care of our practitioners we have achieved great results over the years for our clients.

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